What is Ecocoat Bike?

Ecocoat bike is our unique high solids ceramic coating system. Giving all coated surfaces a long term, enhanced finish that is ultra scratch-resistant and hydrophobic making your bike easy to clean and maintain while retaining a deeper finish that is proven to last for months rather than weeks.

What does it do?

Ecocoat Bike performs outstandingly well against harsh weather conditions, particularly after a thunderstorm and the scorching sun. Ecocoat Bike is produced with uncompromising standards and manufacturing requirements in order to provide users like yourself with the best performing coatings with unrivalled reliability and durability.

How will it benefit me?

Ecocoat Bike improves the surface by up to 8H hardness, increases the intensity of colour (even matte black) and ensures hydrophobicity of the surface for up to 12 months.

Who Makes Ecocoat Bike?

Ecocoat is manufactured by IGL who have years of experience creating protective coatings in the automotive and marine industry. All their products undergo extensive TUV certification and they are also fully ISO9001 accredited.

But my bike is carbon / titanium / steel / aluminium

Great, Ecocoat Bike is safe to use on all these surfaces and more. And yes, your stealthy matte black carbon bike will still look stealthy matte black.

What else can I use it on?

As well as protecting your frame and fork, ecocoat can be used to protect your lights, helmets, GPS units, pedals and just about any cycling related accessory.

High Quality Performance

ecocoat bike is our high solids, super hydrophobic, ultra scratch-resistant, long-term high gloss retention excellent finish quality coating system.